Negotiation Skills Training

Create more value at the bargaining table and negotiate more confidently.

Learn and apply the Harvard Method of Principled (Win-Win) Negotiation through intensive, hands-on simulations, exercises and role plays using authorized Harvard materials. 

This immersive and experiential program will equip participants with a framework, tools, and techniques to strategically navigate the negotiation process from analysis and preparation through implementation. 

Our training is mainly conducted through tailored corporate workshops with qualified partners in Dubai, New York and Singapore, or anywhere in the world you need to be. 


Sample Program

Day 1: Introduction to Harvard Principled Negotiation

Day 2: Advanced Multi-party Negotiation

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New York City 


 Negotiation Workshops

Negotiation Workshops



 Negotiation Workshops

Negotiation Workshops



 Negotiation Workshops

Negotiation Workshops


Our brand and strategy workshops are in development. In the meantime, we'd love your feedback and ideas.

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