BREVITI provides one to three-day experiential workshops in brand, strategy and negotiation for executives and managers.

Our practitioners tap on years of industry experience, not just academic theory, to develop and deliver intense, challenging and often life-changing programs tailored around your objectives. Where applicable, we utilize rigorous case studies, simulations and role play exercises from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, and other trusted institutions.


Negotiation Skills Workshop

Learn to create more value and manage conflict more confidently using the Harvard Method of Principled Negotiation. Through intensive, hands-on simulations, case studies and exercises from the Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, participants learn and apply win-win negotiation frameworks and techniques. 


Sales, Marketing & Brand Strategy

Smart revenue generation requires intelligent market positioning, deft messaging of complex ideas and arguments, and persuasive sales communication. We develop holistic training programs and brainstorming sessions to get your revenue teams aligned and client-ready.


Crisis Management & Communications

Mishandling a crisis can make or break your organization. We develop bespoke crises simulations, media training, and in-depth communications training to ready your front-line and back office for any situation. Situations we've managed include: disaster recovery, insider trading, oil contamination, viral outbreaks, mass layoffs, sexual harassment cases and other potentially volatile situations. 


Ask us about tailoring a unique, hands-on learning experience for your team.